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Importing Google Contacts in Virtual Office Desktop
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Importing Google Contacts in Virtual Office Desktop


Importing Google contacts into Virtual Office Desktop (VOD).

Applies To

Virtual Office Desktop v 5.9 and earlier, Classic Mode


  1. Ensure you have Virtual Office Desktop v 5.9 installed.
  2. In Virtual Office Desktop switch to Classic Mode.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. From the left hand menu, click Contacts.
  5. Under Import Contacts, check the box next to Google.
    Google Contact Import Settings VOD Classic Mode.jpg
  6. Select your Google account, or click Add Another Account to add a different Google account.
  7. If required, enter login credentials.
  8. Click Allow to allow VOD access to your Google account.
    VOD Allow Google Access.jpg
  9. Select the Google Contact Group you wish to sync.
    VOD Select Google Contact Group.jpg
  10. When the sync is complete, you can close the Settings panel.
  11. You can view your Google contacts in VOD under Contacts > All > Google.

Additional Information

This requires Virtual Office Desktop v 5.9 or earlier. To download VOD 5.9, see below.

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