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Speaker and Mic Problems
8x8 Support

Speaker and Mic Problems


You are experiencing audio problems when using the Virtual Office Desktop (VOD) application (Windows) for communicating and listening to voicemails and recordings.

Applies To

Virtual Office Desktop


Check Microphone and Speaker Settings

Check which microphone and speakers are set to Default Device and Default Communications Device in Windows.

  1. Navigate to the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Click Hardware and Sound > Manage audio devices > Playback and Recording tabs.

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Select the Correct Device

If the Virtual Office Desktop speaker or microphone is using the wrong device for phone calls.

Note: This does not refer to voicemail or recording playback, which will always use the Windows Default Device. For problems hearing playback, check the device itself and make sure it is set to play back properly.

To access audio and video settings from the app:

  1. In the More tab, go to Settings.
  2. Click Audio & Video.
  3. Select your desired media devices for audio and video.

You can view the sensitivity of your microphone, as well as test your microphone and speaker audio quality via the 8x8 audio testing service.


To set ring source for incoming calls:

  1. In the More tab, go to Settings.
  2. Click Audio & Video.
  3. Plug in or pair your headset or secondary speakers.

Under Incoming Call, you can select your secondary ring source, and set the ringtone and ring volume. Your computer remains as your primary ring source.



  • For phone calls, it is likely the correct Default Communications Device is not being used.
  • For playing voicemails and recordings, it is likely the Windows playback Default Device is not properly configured in some way.

Mac OS

  • For audio out (speaker), it is likely the correct sound output device has not been selected within Mac System Preferences.
  • For audio in (mic), it is likely that the VOD device and sound level are not properly configured.

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