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Transferring a Virtual Office Mobile App call directly to your cell phone
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Transferring a Virtual Office Mobile App call directly to your cell phone

If you have initiated a phone call over the Virtual Office Mobile smartphone app while on a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data connection and have moved into an area with less reliable data coverage, you can easily move the call to your cell phone voice service without dropping it. You can automatically enable Cellular Assist, which will ensure incoming or outgoing calls will always be made on a set cell phone user. Manually, you can transfer calls to your cell phone during a call where you are experiencing less reliable data coverage.

To enable Cellular Assist on Virtual Office Mobile

  1. In Virtual Office Mobile tap More Options (three dots).

    VOM - Options Icon _AS-300x143.jpg
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap Data and Network Options.

    VOM - Data and Network Settings-300x470.jpg
  4. Tap Cellular Assist.
  5. Toggle the settings for Incoming or Outgoing calls. This will determine whether your cellular network will be used for calls you receive or calls that you make.
  6. Enter your cell phone number. Or, if you have previously configured this setting, tap Yes to confirm your cell phone number or No, Change to edit your cell phone number. Once the toggle turns blue, you have enabled Cellar Assist.

To transfer the call to your cell phone on Virtual Office Mobile

  1. While on a call in Virtual Office Mobile, inform the person on the other end that they will be placed on a brief hold.
  2. Tap the Transfer button on the mobile app. (The other party is placed on hold.)

    Transfer Button-300x475.jpg

  3. Tap the Dial Pad.

    VOM - Dialpad Icon-300x471.jpg
  4. Enter your cell phone number and tap Call.
  5. Answer the call that comes in to your cell phone to rejoin the conversation.

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