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8x8 Microsoft (Outlook and Skype for Business) Integration FAQ
8x8 Support Knowledge Base

8x8 Microsoft (Outlook and Skype for Business) Integration FAQ

System Requirements

What are the new features of the Outlook plugin 5.0?

  • New meeting resource, integrated with new Meeting Microservice
  • Ability to add and remove a co-host from a meeting
  • Ability to reset Meeting ID/participant code

FAQ & Known Issues

I reset the meeting code for a meeting created in VOD 5.0 but it is not reflecting in the Calendar invite.

If your meeting was not created using the Outlook 5.0 plugin within Outlook, refreshing the meeting code within VOD 5.0 will not reflect the new meeting code in the meeting invite. Instead, copy the updated code to the calendar invite and update all attendees.

I see the error “Your account is in a pending state.”


You will see this error when you are using an account associated with a Virtual Office Pro license that requires activation. This happens upon the first use only. To resolve this, please open VOD in Classic mode and create your first meeting. Your account will be activated then you can use Microsoft integration plugin.

When I try to update a meeting created with the previous Outlook plugin version (v 4.6), I see the message below:


You can continue to join or start meetings created with previous versions, but you will not be able to modify the settings.

Deleting a Virtual Office meeting created through the Outlook plugin from Virtual Office Desktop v 5.0 results in the information popup below when opening the meeting invite in Outlook:


I see the error “You do not have meeting capabilities.”


You will see this error when you are using an account that does not have a Virtual Office Pro license associated to it. Contact your administrator to have a Virtual Office Pro license added to your account.

When scheduling a meeting, I see a (404) Not Found error.


This error occurs when you try to schedule a meeting from the Outlook integration v 5.0 while running Virtual Office Desktop v 4.6. To resolve this, update to Virtual Office Desktop v 5.0.965.

Compatibility Matrix

Outlook Version VOD Version Compatibility Issues
5.0.7 5.0.965 Compatible
5.0.7 5.0.888 Compatible
5.0.7 4.6.x Incompatible: User will see 404 error when attempting to create or update meetings. Skype and Call integration work.
4.6.1 5.0.x Compatible
4.6.1 4.6.x Compatible
4.2.6 5.0.888 Compatible
4.2.6 4.6.x Compatible