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Salesforce: Sign up for a free Salesforce Developer account
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Salesforce: Sign up for a free Salesforce Developer account


This article will quickly guide you through creating your own free Salesforce Developer account.

About free Developer accounts:

  • They only expire if you leave them dormant for 6-12 months.
  • They're generally fully functional Enterprise accounts.
  • Supports both modes: Classic and Lightning.
  • Includes access to the Service Console and Sales Console, in addition to the usual Salesforce applications.
  • Supports two users, so you can test with more than one login at a time, if needed.
  • You can use them to test and display 8x8 phone integrations for Virtual Office, VCC, and ContactNow.

Sign Up

To get your free Salesforce account:

  1. Navigate to to the following link (pops a new tab):
  2. On your signup page, fill in all the blanks with any info you like, except for:
    • Email: This must be your real email address. You'll receive all password resets and other info here.
    • Username: This is your login ID. It should be a fake email address so it doesn't clash with other Salesforce IDs you may already use.
  3. Check the Terms of Use box and click Sign me up.


  1. Check for your verification email from Salesforce. Click Verify Account to launch a new browser tab.


5 Enter a new password to use with the account, choose a security question and answer, and click Change Password.


  1. You'll be logged in to Salesforce Lightning mode. You can work from there if you like, or click on the far top-right icon and select Switch to Salesforce Classic to view Classic mode at any time.

That's it!


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