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Virtual Office for Salesforce Analytics: Registration Failed
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Virtual Office for Salesforce Analytics: Registration Failed


During the final registration phase of the 8x8 Virtual Office Sales Analytics installation, you encounter the following error: Registration Failed: Please Reregister *

Applies To

Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration, 8x8 Virtual Office Sales Analytics


Change Field Visibility

To correct the problem and complete the registration, you may need to perform the following operation on several different fields, and re-run the registration each time:

  1. Determine the field name and Object which has caused the error. 

    To see the complete error message and determine which field is causing the error, hover the mouse cursor over the dot next to Reregister, and look at the last line to obtain the field name and object name.

    No such field <field name> on entity <Object>
  2. Click Setup at the top of the page, then search for the word field in the Setup search.
  3. Locate the object associated with the error message (in this example, Contacts), and click Fields.
  4. Click the Field Label name of the field which has caused the error. The Data Type will appear as Phone.
  5. Click the Set Field-Level Security button.
  6. Check the Visible box for each Profile type, or at least the Profile type of the user processing the Analytics Registration (likely the Administrator), and click Save.
  7. Click the 8x8 Analytics tab which the user has already placed in the Salesforce Tab bar, to begin the re-registration process.
  8. Enter the appropriate Salesforce credentials in the required fields and click Register.
  9. If the error occurs again, follow the above resolution process again for each field which causes the error.
Note: At any time after clicking Register, you can refresh the web browser page to see if there is any pending error. The registration will either stop at errors or will continue until it's complete.


Once all problem fields have been corrected and the registration process is completed, the Analytics screen will appear.


This error is caused when a specific phone number field for supported objects (such as Contact or Opportunity) has not been made visible within Salesforce. The registration process checks many phone number fields and will halt at each point where it requires a field to be made visible.


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