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Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration: Communication Panel Remains Inactive During Calls
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Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration: Communication Panel Remains Inactive During Calls


When making or receiving calls on your 8x8 phone extension, the 8x8 communication panel in Salesforce does not display any call activity, or it displays Unknown instead of a called/caller name.

Applies To

This article applies only to the 8x8 Virtual Office Salesforce integration.


This is often caused when the user's Salesforce session has automatically timed out, and the Force logout on session timeout option has not been enabled in Salesforce > Setup > Session Settings by the Salesforce administrator.


For example, when the user's Salesforce session remains logged in over-night and the Session Timeout value set by the Salesforce administrator is exceeded, the user appears to remain logged into Salesforce.

However, the session timeout has still automatically expired the security token that Salesforce provides to the 8x8 communication panel, preventing it from responding to any call activity.

This same scenario applies to a simple lack of user activity in Salesforce during work hours, when the Timeout Value is set to a low value.

Note: If the session has expired but Salesforce still appears to be active, the 8x8 communication panel in that tab may respond, but call identification will fail with Unknown. This is because the security token has not been updated, so the comm panel cannot communicate with Salesforce to perform a search.


To immediately resolve this problem:

  • Log out of Salesforce and then log back in to both Salesforce and the 8x8 communication panel (if this is not done automatically). This will renew the Salesforce session and the security token passed from Salesforce to the 8x8 communication panel.
  • If this does not immediately resolve the issue, try clearing the web browser cache and cookies, and/or re-launch your web browser.

To resolve this specific problem for the long-term:

The Salesforce administrator can configure the Salesforce Session Timeout variables in Setup > Session Settings:

  • Configure the Timeout Value to reflect a time-frame that more closely matches the user's work hours, to prevent the session from timing out too quickly.
  • Uncheck the Disable session timeout warning popup option. This allows a warning message to appear when the user session is about to be expired.
  • Check the Force logout on session timeout option. This forces the user to be logged out when their Salesforce session expires. This will force the user to log back in to Salesforce and into the 8x8 communication panel, which renews the comm panel's security token.


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