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Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration: New Browser Tabs in Lightning Create Corrupted Call Records
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Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration: New Browser Tabs in Lightning Create Corrupted Call Records


Salesforce Lightning call activity records (Tasks) may appear at random in an agent's Activities list or in Salesforce Reports with the subject Call with undefined. These activity records will also lose some or all unsaved call data, which otherwise should have been stored in the Task by the 8x8 integration.


Applies To

This article applies only to the operation of the Virtual Office for Salesforce integration in Salesforce Lightning mode.

Salesforce Classic mode is not affected by this specific issue.

Note: Please see the following article for general issues with call records marked Call with undefined in Classic or Lightning mode:


For Salesforce Lightning users, this issue is currently 100% reproducible, and is caused by opening a new Salesforce Lightning web browser tab when the 8x8 communication panel (integration) is displaying past or live call activity.


This happens because of the way Salesforce implements session security in Lightning mode.

When a brand new web browser tab is opened (not a Salesforce object tab within Lightning, itself), a new nonce – or security encryption code – is passed to the user's Lightning client session. When this happens, the 8x8 communication panel is forced to renew its session with the new encryption. This means that all unsaved call content that is cached by the 8x8 communication panel is immediately deleted, resulting in lost call data.

In the above scenario, if the agent has not disabled Auto Save in Menu > Settings of the 8x8 communication panel, a bad record will be stored immediately when a live phone call is disconnected. Manually clicking Save and Close after a call will also store a bad call record in this case.



The Virtual Office for Salesforce Lightning integration was not designed to operate with multiple web browser tabs in Lightning. Currently 8x8 is investigating development of a permanent resolution.

There are two potential workarounds to this problem:

  1. Using the Lightning Sales Console or Service Console, keep all Salesforce activity within one web browser tab.
  2. If the user needs to open multiple Salesforce Lightning web browser tabs, then they should open them before call activity occurs, and immediately click on the Phone icon in the Lightning Utility Bar of each of those tabs (to force the communication panel to appear). Once this is done, the communication panel can be hidden (minimized) and normal call activity should occur. Success with this workaround may vary.

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