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Virtual Office for Zendesk Integration: Communication Panel Appears Blank
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Virtual Office for Zendesk Integration: Communication Panel Appears Blank


When a Zendesk user attempts to log in to the Virtual Office communication panel for the very first time, they see only a blank frame where the Virtual Office login prompt should appear.


Applies To

Virtual Office for Zendesk integration communication panel


To fix this issue, each Zendesk user will be required to perform the following operation only once:

  1. Log in to Zendesk with the credential of the user experiencing the issue
  2. From the same web browser, open a new browser tab and navigate to one or both of the following URLs: 
  1. At the prompt, log in to the 8x8 Virtual Office extension assigned to the user.
  2. You should then be prompted to allow 8x8 access to your Zendesk account.
  3. Click Allow. This is required for the communication panel to work.
  4. Keeping the new tab open, return to the original Zendesk tab.
  5. Refresh the Zendesk tab. You should now see the communication panel with the user logged in.
  6. Close the additional browser tab to complete this operation.
  7. Now each time the user logs into Zendesk, they should see the Virtual Office login prompt displayed.


The initial Virtual Office authentication prompt is not being displayed properly in the VO for Zendesk communication panel.


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