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Using PingPlotter for Network Troubleshooting
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Using PingPlotter for Network Troubleshooting

PingPlotter is a 3rd party application that 8x8 recommends to get additional information on Network Connectivity. 8x8 tools provide quality determinations based on the data as a whole received in either call simulations or actual calls from your device to 8x8 data centers, where PingPlotter tracks information at multiple points enroute from your location to the 8x8 data centers.

Download and Install

PingPlotter can be downloaded from the PingPlotter web site.

Use of the free version is recommended. After downloading, follow the installation instructions provided by PingPlotter.


After PingPlotter is installed and running, in the Target Name or IP field, enter the IP address of the recommended data center and press Start.

  • - India
  • - Amsterdam
  • - Brazil
  • - Singapore
  • - West Coast US
  • - East Coast US
  • - United Kingdom
  • - Australia
  • - Hong Kong


Over time a graph is created to the right of the application providing statistics of packet loss and latency for each individual hop between your PC and the data center.


This information is read by 8x8’s Network Engineering team (or your IT Staff) to identify where packet loss or latency is being introduced into the call. From this, the 8x8 Network Engineering team can provide recommendations to resolve the issue.

A complete graph is created showing the results over the duration of the test. To provide the most complete information, we recommend running the test for at least the duration of your business hours, if not 24 hours. This graph provides the three most important metrics graphed simultaneously: Jitter, Packet Loss, and Latency.


Stopping and Exporting Results

To stop the test click Pause. Then you can export the data to send to 8x8 Network Engineers.

To export the data, click File then Export Sample Set.


Attach the Sample Set to an online support case for an 8x8 Engineer to review.


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