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What are adjunct plans and services?
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What are adjunct plans and services?


Adjunct/slave phones allow you to have a second device configured with the same DID/extension number as that extension's primary phone. 

If a customer has a use case similar to the below and needs to be able to use their primary DID on another device, please first consider Hot Desking as a solution. If an adjunct phone appears necessary or is specifically requested by the customer, please engage, discuss with, and educate your Sales team with this information.

Adjunct Phone Use Cases

  • An executive has a phone in their office, and has a conference table that wants to share the same extension. (E911 would not be an issue here.)
  • An executive has a phone in the office, and wants a second phone at another remote office or their home office. (E911 is an issue here.)
  • Executive does not want to use Hot Desk, VO Desktop, or VO Mobile.
  • Executive does not want to use a Ring Group, have two additional DID's associated to that Ring Group for inbound, define the Virtual Number as outbound, etc.

What is not supported on adjunct phones?

  • Power Keys (i.e., BLF, speed dials, call park extensions, etc.) 
  • Putting a call on hold on the primary phone and picking it up on the adjunct device to continue the call.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Adjunct/slave phones require manual provisioning.
  • E911 for an extension/DID can only be registered to one address. If a user has their primary phone in an office and wants an adjunct/slave phone in another location such as a home office, better design options would include HotelingVOD, and VOM