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2018-06-29: Major Internet Service Issue


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2018-06-29: Major Internet Service Issue


8x8 is aware of a widespread issue affecting Comcast since June 29, 2018, and subsequently multiple major internet service providers, and which may impact 8x8 services for some customers. Comcast has confirmed that this is due to a fiber cut with one of their partners. If you are having issues with call quality and completion, please confirm your internet service connectivity.


Resolution in progress with Comcast and affected ISPs.


Impacted 8x8 Virtual Office users may rely on service over an alternate provider (if currently reliable) or cellular (3G/4G/LTE) data, and handle phone calls over the Virtual Office Mobile application (iOS | Android).

For internet service status updates, please contact your internet service provider.

Last Updated

2018-07-09, 9:30 am Pacific Time


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