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Virtual Contact Center Analytics 1.0: Overview
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Virtual Contact Center Analytics 1.0: Overview

Virtual Contact Center (VCC) Analytics 1.0 is an analytics platform that transforms your data into insights on running and improving your business.

The way you access the new VCC Analytics Portal depends on how you currently log in to your tenant.

  1. If you access your tenant by going to https://vcc-na[your tenant number], go to and enter your username@tenantname and password.
  2. If you login with 8x8 SSO, go to or and enter your SSO username and password.
Note: You must be a supervisor to access analytics. Existing customers will have access to Business Intelligence as well. However, Business Intelligence will be de-emphasized and eventually removed with future releases of VCC Analytics. New customers will not see Business Intelligence. 

If this is your first time logging in, you will not see any dashboards until you add one.


Note: Favorites and Dashboards are the only active menu items for this release. Schedules, Agents, Agents Interactions, Agents Time on Status, and Queues will be available in an upcoming release.

To create a new dashboard

  1. Click New.
  2. Enter a name for your dashboard.
  3. Select your desired time zone. Note: If working with global teams, please note that the timezone determines the starting midnight point for any Today metrics. If this dashboard is for tracking a team based in London, select Europe/London as the time zone for this dashboard.
  4. Add your desired widgets.
  5. Size and position your widgets.
  6. Save your dashboard.
  7. Create a Threshold Set and assign it to your dashboard.
  8. Share your dashboard.
  9. Share as a wallboard.

View the video below for a demonstration on creating a new dashboard.