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Virtual Contact Center Analytics 1.0: Sharing Your Dashboard
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Virtual Contact Center Analytics 1.0: Sharing Your Dashboard

Sharing Your Dashboard

Share your dashboard from either of the locations below.

Main Dashboard

  1. Click More Options.
  2. Select Share.
    VCCA1.0- Share from Main Dash.png

Individual Dashboard

  1. Click Settings in the top right corner.
  2. Select Share Dashboard.
    VCCA1.0- Share from Indv Dash.png

Setting Your Sharing Parameters

  1. Click Get Shareable link.
  2. Click Copy on the right-hand side to copy the link to your clipboard. You can also click the  icon to revoke or cancel the shareable link.
  3. You can share your dashboard with specific users or groups by selecting them from the drop-down list.Once a user has been added, you can specify if they can view only or edit. You can also remove their access.

View the video below for a demonstration on how to share your dashboard.

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