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Adding Missing Words from the Dictionary to Speech Analytics Topics and Searches
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Adding Missing Words from the Dictionary to Speech Analytics Topics and Searches

Speech Analytics uses words in the dictionary of the language being spoken for creating the transcriptions. Sometimes you'll want to search for a word or phrase that isn't in the dictionary, such as a company name or a trademarked product or drug name. Since these are not entries in the dictionary you'll need to find a way of expressing the thing you're searching for using words, letters, or numbers instead.

The best way to find how to represent the word or phrase is to make several recordings with different voices and different devices (cell phone, computer audio, standard phone, conference room phone, etc...) to find out how Speech Analytics is transcribing the word or phrase. You can make outbound calls to colleagues or friends from Virtual Contact Center (VCC) to create the recordings to be transcribed to find out how to represent the non dictionary word or phrase.

We recommend starting such test calls with a standard phrase such as "This is a speech transcription test." We also recommend that you don't simply state the word repeatedly to get it translated. Try using the word or phrase in the context such as "I started taking drug name last week" or "we used to get our widgets from company name but they started charging too much."

Once you've created several recordings and they've been transcribed, go into each call and identify how Speech Analytics transcribed the word or phrase you want to look for. Collect the sequences you've found and then use them in the phrases for a topic in the category where you want to find the word or phrase.

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