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Searching for calls by VCC queue does not work
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Searching for calls by VCC queue does not work


When one uses the VCC Queue name filter (Custom field 17 filter) no calls are returned.

Applies To

  • Some users of Quality Manager and Speech Analytics


The indexing of your calls is incorrect and all of your calls must be re-indexed in order to resolve the problem.  However you can use a workaround until the re-indexing can be completed.

Re-indexing can degrade the performance of your Quality Management and/or Speech Analytics.  You should choose a time when your call volume is low and/or a period of time when you will not be using Quality Management and/or Speech Analytics for this to be done.  Depending on your call volume the re-indexing can take multiple days.

  1. Create a support case indicating that you have the problem.  When creating the case pick one or more periods of time at least 1 week in the future when re-indexing would be convenient.
  2. Respond to any questions from your support agent so that the re-indexing can be set up at a time when it will have the least impact on your Quality Management and/or Speech Analytics environment
  3. Once the re-indexing timeframe has been determined and confirmed communicate with your Quality Management and Speech Analytics users that the products might be disrupted during the re-indexing


You can create a set of "contains" VCC Queue name filters that will find the correct filter name.

Let's suppose you are looking for the queue name Tier 1 Direct Support.  If you choose this value with the "is" operator in the search filter and nothing is returned you can try the following.  Add four VCC Queue name filters using contains as follows:

VCC Queue contains Tier  VCC Queue contains 1  VCC Queue contains Direct  VCC Queue contains Support

You might find that you can create a subset of the four portions of the queue name.  In any event this will work until your calls can be re-indexed.


Some indexing was not properly set up and the VCC Queue name filters are not consistent with the indexing that was performed on your calls.




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