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ContactNow: European International Number Changes/Requirements
8x8 Support

ContactNow: European International Number Changes/Requirements


8x8 have suppliers to provide international numbers from around the world that can be used on your Contact Centre and this is limited to contract users only and unfortunately not available to Pay As You Go users. These numbers are tied to a 1-year contract that customer is liable to maintain the costs of using such numbers and the upkeep of all required documentation up to date. As of recent changes in regulations with European Numbers, it has now become a must that the use of these numbers should be tied to an address with a local presence in the region. 

These requirements do not only apply to new customers and also include those who already make use of this availability. If you are currently using these International numbers it is important that you arrange with the 8x8 support team to update your details to continue benefiting from the use of international numbers. 

Deadline: 30/4/19. After this date, these numbers will cease work until the required information is provided to them. This document will lay out the required information.

Applies To

ContactNow, International Numbers, Allocation of DDI, International Queues


The customer shall submit the following:

  1. Name:

  2. Address:

  3. Nationality:

  4. Passport number or business registration number:

  5. The customer must provide proof to justify the validity of the address information together with a copy of the ID or Business registration for validation before activating the number. The customer will keep the information updated during use.

  6. For geographical numbers, the location of the end user (place of residence/business) corresponding to the relevant geographic zone is required.

Additional Information

All geographic numbers need to be assigned to a legal entity in-country, this can be done so by providing a lease or rental agreement for the property to show an actual physical location in the number location (e.g. Frankfurt numbers must be within the Frankfurt dial code area).

Unfortunately, this does not mean a ‘utility bill’, but proof they reside at the proposed address.

In the worst scenario, the request of a company registration document or similar. This obviously would be the ideal paperwork required.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may cause.