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ContactNow: Call recording not available
8x8 Support

ContactNow: Call recording not available


Call recordings not available for download is a result of many conditions and it is important to note that call recordings are never 100% guaranteed and are exposed to a number of reasons for them not being available as follows: 

  • Network fault call not connected or issue in a drop of packets not allowing for call recording completion resulting in a file to become corrupt
  • MSO (Major Service Outage) meaning that the recording was not possible to begin or not able to complete processing resulting in a corrupt file
  • The call was recorded but not processed due to a large number of call volume resulting in the recording being queued to process and made available.
  • Call Recording was set to off on the queue settings can be checked from the edit queue options.

In most cases, the file is just queued to be processed and later made available.

Applies To

Contact Now, Call recordings


When the following error is received, 503 Call Not Ready to Download, the call recording in most instances can be made available by raising a case or contacting the 8x8 support team.

  1. Raise a case or call the 8x8 support team
  2. Provide the support agent with the call id in question.
  3. Support will identify if they are able to download the recording from a raw file process and if not available the case will be escalated to the infrastructure team to identify the cause of the file not available and if possible make it available to the front-end for customer download.

Additional Information

The time frame to make these recordings available again is roughly 2 working days and in most cases, if the file is not found by the escalation team then it is non-retrievable and in this instance, the file is never available.