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ContactNow presents Error: "You Have Lost Internet Connection"
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ContactNow presents Error: "You Have Lost Internet Connection"


ContactNow presents Error: "You Have Lost Internet Connection".

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Clear Browsing Data/Cache.


  1. Open up Settings from the menu.
  2. Pick Advanced and Clear browsing data.


  1. Open Options from the menu.
  2. then Privacy & Security and Clear Data.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Choose what to clear under Clear browsing data on the menu.


  1. Open the Safari menu. 
  2. Pick Preferences, Privacy, and Manage Website Data.
  3. You can easily delete these temporary files and give your browser a clean fresh start.


If it’s not an extension that’s slowing everything down and your internet connection is stable it may be a corrupted cache of data. Clearing it should resolve the issue.

Assuming the internet connection speed is fine (you can check it online at, sluggish browser performance and page loading, or simply losing your internet connection, can have a number of root causes. However, in most of the cases, it’s the cache and the cookies you want to clear in the first instance.

Additional Information

Another easy and fast method of determining the root of the issue is quickly switching to another browser, which can help identify whether or not the browser itself is doing something to slow down the network.


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