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ContactNow: PBX Redirect on Hunt Groups Not Working
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ContactNow: PBX Redirect on Hunt Groups Not Working


In the Scenario that a call flow to PBX accounts is to redirect to a queue or external number when all phones in a PBX hunt group is "Busy" or there is "No Answer". Unfortunately, this is not possible and all calls will drop on the redirect attempt as a measure to prevent phantom calls.  You can imagine 5 PBX phones set to redirect after the same set time will each create an outbound call on the redirect leg for the same call, essentially creating 5 calls for the same call resulting in clogging the network and connecting agents to silent calls. the Article will describe a workaround to achieve the same.

Scenario call flow 


A caller calls the Hunt Group Which will ring the PBX phones within that group and redirect the call on "No Answer" or "Busy"...

Applies To

ContactNow, PBX Redirect, PBX Hunt Group


This can be achieved by using the dial component in an IVR that will fail over to a second dial block

  1. From the Left Menu bar options select the Cog Wheel
  2. Select the IVR Creator and 
  3. Use two "Dial Block" Components as follows: 
    1. Dail Block 1 - Ring the Hunt Group
    2. Dial Block 2 - Ring the Overflow/Redirect
  4. Join the "Call Start" Component to "Dial Block 1" 
  5. Join the Failed point on "Dial Block 1" to the Success of "Dial Block 2" as seen in the below Image demonstration:


Additional Information

The issue with this workaround, it is important, to note that the second Dial component that doe not answer will get dropped if the failed call point has no Answer if it is an external number.  You could use the "Queue Block" Component if it is an internal Overflow which will queue until the caller hangs up. 




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