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Assign Supervisor Level VCC Agent Console Access
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Assign Supervisor Level VCC Agent Console Access


VCC: How to assign supervisor level access for a VCC user? 

Applies To

Virtual Contact Center Supervisors


  1. Confirm that the supervisor has been added as a VCC user in the Virtual Office Account Manager portal (Accounts > Add New User Profile). 
  2. Log into the tenant VCC Configuration Manager.
  3. Find the VCC user profile and click Edit
  4. Click on the Supervisor tab and check the option This user is supervisor and if desired enable Allow this supervisor to monitor calls.
  5. Within the Supervisor tab section, assign the supervisor to all the queues and groups that this supervisor needs to monitor and retrieve recordings.
  6. Select Save to apply changes.

Next Steps

The User will need to log out of Virtual Contact Center and log in again to affect the changes.

  1. The User log into Virtual Contact Center Agent GUI.
  2. Click Work Offline.
  3. Select Menu > Monitoring, the Monitoring window opens.

Queue Management displays the current activity in the VCC Queues.

Agent Management displays the current activity of the logged in agents.

Playback displays the latest call recordings. 

  • Click Filter Window to filter by Queues, Agents, or Channels.
  • Click Advanced to search by Transaction ID, Contact, Start Date or Duration.

Additional Information

In order to listen to call recordings, the Supervisor Agent's Monitoring needs to be "assigned" to the queues and Agent Groups.

  1. Log into Virtual Contact Center Configuration Manager. 
  2. Select Agents
  3. Double click the Supervisor Agent's name.
  4. Select the Supervisor tab > sub-tab Queues.
  5.  Check the Assigned boxes for the desired queues.
  6. Click Save. 
  7. Select the Supervisor tab > sub-tab Agent Groups. 
  8. Check the Assigned box for the desired Agent Groups.
  9. Click Save.

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