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Calculate Max Number Of Inbound VCC Calls
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Calculate Max Number Of Inbound VCC Calls


How to calculate the total or maximum number of concurrent inbound calls for your VCC account.

Applies To

VCC administrator.


Open a current 8x8 Billing Statement:

  1. Identify number of: VCC Pro Contact Center Seat
  2. Identify (if applicable) number of: Extra Voice Port
  3. Multiply VCC Pro Contact Center Seats by 4 and add Extra Voice Ports
  4. The total will be the max number of concurrent inbound VCC calls for the VCC Account/Tenant.

For example, the following shows:


10 Seats x 4 is 40, plus 5 ports = 45 Total Concurrent Calls for the VCC Account/Tenant

Additional Information

Once the max number of inbound concurrent calls has been reached, all subsequent calls will hear a fast busy signal. This total number is only for inbound calls to all VCC Channel Numbers on the account/tenant and does not include outbound or internal calls.

To add additional VCC seats or extra voice ports, please reach out to your 8x8 Sales Rep.

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