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Forward from VCC Script to VO extension number
8x8 Support

Forward from VCC Script to VO extension number


Forward from Virtual Contact Centre Script to Virtual Office Extension. This can be any Virtual Office Extension on the associated pbx including User, Auto Attendant or Ring Group. 

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Centre (Mode 3)
  • Virtual Contact Centre Configuration Manager


  1. Log into VCC Configuration Manager.
  2. Select 'Scripts' from left-hand menu.
  3. 'Edit' the intended script.
  4. Select 'Script' tab.
  5. Select 'Add' to insert the 'Forward to External Number' object.
  6. Enter an Object tag
  7. Enter the Virtual Office extension number into the phone number


  1. Select the 'OK' button
  2. Select 'Save' button at the top of the script

Additional Information

A 'with VOVCC' Dial Plan must be used in Virtual Contact Centre which contains a pattern to allow extension dialing to the Virtual Office PBX