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VCC Drops Calls After Queue Menu Selection
8x8 Support

VCC Drops Calls After Queue Menu Selection


VCC Customer Experience tool shows the caller entered a menu option (DTMF), but it may show another Get Digit followed by System termination. These callers were never routed to a queue.

Applies To

VCC Configuration Manager IVR script that has a non interruptible Play audio file and / or Get Digit object with default (3) seconds timeout.


Please consider changing the playback options to interruptible to avoid this issue.


The play initial greeting is set to un-interruptible, and the Get Digit has a default (3) seconds to wait for the digit.  If the caller doesn't wait until the end of the initial greeting and presses the digit too early or too late (after 3 seconds), then the call will be terminated by the system.



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