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Virtual Contact Center - Enable off-Hook Connection Mode
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Virtual Contact Center - Enable off-Hook Connection Mode


How to enable off-hook connection mode?

Off-Hook Connection Mode - Off-hook is a persistent connection from the agent’s device to Virtual Contact Center. It removes the need to connect the agent’s workplace phone for every call handled. Agents set up their voice connection before they start working on calls and remain connected throughout their working day. It allows them to respond to incoming and outbound phone calls with a simple click on the user interface.

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Centers


  1. Log in to Configuration Manager as an administrator and click Enable Off-hook Connection Mode in Home > Profile

2. Log in to Agent Console as an agent.

3. While in offline, go to the My Profile page

4. Select the Enable Off-hook Connection Mode. Once enabled, a message appears showing you how the feature works

5. Click Save

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