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Why does my status show as Available when placing an outbound call?
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Why does my status show as Available when placing an outbound call?


When an agent places an outbound call, their status still shows as available.


Applies To

Virtual Contact Center


There must be at least 1 Outbound Queue and 1 Outbound Phone Code assigned to the agent's group in order for their status to update to Busy when placing an Outbound Call.

  1. Create an Outbound Queue. The priority of this queue will not matter, but please set desired Post-processing timeout seconds and Voice Recording percentage.
  2. There is no need to assign/enable the agents in this queue, set interactions, or SLA if you are only using this queue to change their status to busy. Save the queue.
  3. Create an Outbound Phone Code and only create 1 code. Make sure that you check the Active checkbox. Choose any of your Channel Numbers to display in the Calling Line Identifier field and select your Outbound Queue.
  4. Select the Assignment Tab and assign this Outbound Phone Code to your agents group. Select Save.
  5. Have your agent refresh their VCC Agent Portal and place a test Outbound Call to confirm their status is now showing as busy. If not, have the agent log out / log back in and place another test call.