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Status Changes to Offline When Offered Call
8x8 Support

Status Changes to Offline When Offered Call


The Virtual Contact Center agent receives a notification (flashing indicator) that there is an inbound call, but agent status immediately goes offline.

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Center
  • Virtual Contact Center AGUI


Confirm that the agent's audio path through a verification callClearing browser cache/cookies on a regular basis can also help prevent this issue from happening. 


There may be an invalid or missing Workplace phone number in the agent's profile. For Bria users, the Workplace SIP URI may not be entered correctly or Bria is offline. 

Additional Information

Note: If the agent is still unable to receive calls on their preferred or default device after completing the verification call, check if the agent is able to log into the AGUI on another computer or conduct the test on a different network. 


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