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How to Perform an Agent to Agent Call Transfer
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How to Perform an Agent to Agent Call Transfer


For an agent to perform an agent to agent transfer on Virtual Contact Center.

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Center
  • Agent console
  • Call Transfer


  1. Agent A has a call on line 1.
  2. Agent A places the line 1 call on Hold.
  3. Agent A selects line 2.
  4. Select the Status tab - looks like the two people.
  5. Agent A looks in the 'Agent Status' list - should be below the Queue Status list (or the tab to the right of Queue Status).
  6. Agent A clicks Agent B's name > select Make a Call.
  7. Agent B's phone rings > Agent B answers. - VCC recognizes Agent B is Busy.
  8. Agent A and B are talking.
  9. Agent A clicks Join Lines.
  10. Agent A introduces the caller and Agent B.
  11. Agent B begins conversing with the caller.
  12. Agent A clicks End Call.
  13. Agent A is in Post Processing.
  14. Agent B continues with the caller.

Additional Information

For more information about transferring calls see the 8x8 online documentation: Transfer Phone Interactions


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