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Can't Import CRM Data with CSV in Virtual Contact Center
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Can't Import CRM Data with CSV in Virtual Contact Center


Importing CRM data via CSV file in Virtual Contact Center fails. (Particularly affects users without Excel, using a Mac, etc.)

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Center
  • CRM Data


Bulk reformat troublesome data strings in Windows and/or Mac OS.


  1. Open CSV file in Notepad++ (To download Notepad++, click here).
  2. Perform Search and Replace function.
  3. Find:  \r
  4. Replace with:  \r\n
  5. Click Replace All.
  6. Save.


  1. Open CSV file in TextWrangler (to download TextWrangler, click here).
  2. Click Search > Find.
  3. Select the Group checkbox.
  4. Type:  \r
  5. Replace with:  \r\n
  6. Save.


Currently, VCC only accepts Windows-style "newlines." (In programming, this means CR, LF—Carriage Return, Line Feed—as common "unix-style" types of carriage return. CR, LF is the native method for Windows.)

For Mac users, the VCC CRM import fails due to Mac not appending a CR, LF for each row of data.


Note: Notepad++ used to show all characters.
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