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Agent stuck in system and can't log in
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Agent stuck in system and can't log in


An agent is unable to log in, but a Supervisor can see that they are.

The agent may experience a spinning icon on logging back in that doesn't go away (see below), or a login screen that is unresponsive.


Applies To

Virtual Contact Center (VCC) 


If your agent can't log in, Supervisors need to check their monitoring tab to see if they can see if the agent still is stuck in the system. This can be done by following the below.

  1. Log into VCC.
  2. Click Menu and then Monitoring.
  3. Go to Agent Management and highlight the Monitor tab. 
  4. Search for your agent under the Agent column. 
  5. Check their status under Status column. 
    1. If they are not Logged Off then go to the far right side of their line where you see the eye icon clipboard_e2fcc8989b2ca963dbff4cecacbefc127.png and a door icon clipboard_ed36be8ac5c60541badce50f4b53b78ed.png.
    2. Click the Door icon clipboard_ec21f69db5e26ddae8d6d7b65d689d769.png to force log the user off.
    3. Ask the agent to refresh their screen (can do this with F5) and then log in again. 



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