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Setting QoS for Bria 4 and Bria 5 in Windows
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Setting QoS for Bria 4 and Bria 5 in Windows


Quality of Service (QoS)  Properly configured routers will use those DSCP markings to give priority to those packets. That is advantageous for SIP signaling and RTP (media packets), because if media packets are not given priority, then the media quality can suffer if there is congestion at the router with other data traffic.

Applies To

Bria Soft-Phone Application 


  1. Launch the local group policy editor by going to Start > Run > gpedit.msc (this starts the local group policy editor, domain level policy will override these settings).
  2. Expand Computer Configuration, then Windows Settings.
  3. Right click on Policy Based QoS.
  4. Click Create new policy.
  5. Create the Voice policy with the following values.
    • Set the DSCP Value to 46.
    • Application name should be Bria4.exe.
    • IP address source/destination can be any.
    • Protocol should be set to UDP.
    • Source/destination port can be any.

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