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What is 8x8 Video Meetings?
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What is 8x8 Video Meetings?

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8x8 Video Meetings is an improved meetings platform. This platform brings significant user experience and feature improvements within the familiar Virtual Office environment.

What new features does 8x8 Video Meetings provide?

  • Modernized user interface - Updated intuitive interface designed for video meetings.
  • Personalized virtual spaces - Individual employees get their own dedicated meeting URL.
  • Remote desktop control - Control keyboard and mouse movements of Virtual Office users remotely, even from a web browser.
  • Controller mode - Control what viewers see and what users can share.
  • Meeting Live streaming - Stream a conference to an unlimited number of viewers through YouTube.
  • Granular conferencing and audio controls - Mute, set volume levels, push to talk or remove specific individuals during a call.
  • Enhanced speaker analytics - See a participant list and exactly how long each speaker spoke.
  • Video layout control - Choose from a variety of viewing options such as follow the last speaker, expand a single presenter, or see everyone at once in a tile layout.
  • Raise hand - Virtually raise your hand to show others you would like to say something without interrupting.
  • Geography optimized routing - Users always connect to the nearest data centers for best performance.

What features and capabilities are different in 8x8 Video Meetings?

The vast majority of Meetings features are the same in 8x8 Video Meetings. Sometimes, however, these features have a different user interface.

Some of the changes in 8x8 Video Meetings are:

  • Call me in - There is no longer a prompt to let users join an online meeting by phone. Virtual Office Desktop and web users are joined with their computer audio or they can dial into the Meeting by phone without viewing. Virtual Office users may also dial out to a user, including themselves. 
  • Call in via phone and view a meeting without interference - Dial-in or call out to the conference room phone and use the no audio link (it will end with a #config.startSilent=true) in the invite or in the meeting info to view content. 
  • Simultaneous desktop and video share - You can no longer share both your video feed and screen share at the same time. This feature will be added in a future release. 
  • Promote call to meeting inside Virtual Office - There is no longer an option to automatically escalate an ongoing call to a Meeting inside Virtual Office. Instead, the user needs to end the call and start a new Meeting.
  • Large meetings (Live Streaming) - More than 50 participants are handled with the new live streaming option. More active participant capacity may be added in a future release. 

What does 8x8 Video Meetings look like? 

Below are examples of 8x8 Video Meetings through the Meetings tab in Virtual Office Desktop and the in-meeting interface.  

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 11.04.42 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-17 at 10.53.44 AM.png

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