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How to identify the Original Phone Number Dialed?
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How to identify the Original Phone Number Dialed?


Identify the Original Number Dialed by Customer using Virtual Office Analytics  (DID phone number Dialed or DNIS).Identifies the receiver of a call the number that the caller dialed.If customre have multiple Virtual Numbers or Toll Free Numbers to the same destination, DNIS tells which number was called.


Applies To

  • Virtual Office Analytics.
  • Account with multiple Virtual and toll free numbers.


  1. Login to Virtual Office Analytics
  2. Click Call Details Records.

step 2.jpg

3. Click the 3 Bar on the upper Right Side of Virtual Office Analytics.


4. Select and Check " Dial-In- Number".


5. All the DID Phone Number Dialed will show on the report (You just need to check the Caller ID of the number who dialled by pressing CTRL+F Search in the VOA Website).

step 5.png

Additional Information

Dial In number only applies to external inbound calls.


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