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Office 365 Calendar Plug-In 1.0 FAQ
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Office 365 Calendar Plug-In 1.0 FAQ


The Office 365 Calendar Plug-In 1.0 is an integration that gives you the ability to create virtual meetings directly from your Office 365 tools.


  • Create single instance or recurring events
  • Update single instance events
  • Add a meeting co-host
  • Reset the participant code

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the 8x8 Office 365 Calendar Plug-In?

In order to be able to use the 8x8 Virtual Office Meetings plug-in with Office 365, your Exchange Admin will be required to install the add-in by going to Exchange Admin Center > Organizations. They will find this plug-in in the Plug-in section. Once this installation is complete, it will be available to all users on the Office 365 account.

To install the plug-in as a user

Note: This is a one-time activity required to enable the Add-in on a user’s account.

  1. Log in to Office 365 with an account that has access to Office 365 Mail.
  2. Click Settings (gear icon).
  3. Under Your App Settings, click Mail.
  4. Navigate to General > Manage Add-ins. Check the box in the Turned ON column for the 8x8 Outlook Integration.

How do I verify if the plug-in is available on a user’s account?

  1. Navigate to your Office 365 home screen and select Mail from the Apps section.
  2. Click the App Launcher icon.
  3. Select Calendar.
  4. Click New in the top navigation bar.
  5. Enter details for a test invitation.
  6. Notice the Office 365 calendar plug-in icon on the top navigation bar. Click on it and log in to an 8x8 account, if not already logged in.

Once successfully logged in, the Add Virtual Office Meeting button will now be available every time you create a new invitation.

Why does an 8x8 user need two plug-ins for Microsoft Windows Outlook?

According to business or personal preference, users can use the 8x8 Microsoft Integration for Outlook desktop on Windows if they need the Skype for Business integration or are running Exchange 2010, or they can use the new 8x8 plugin for the web-based Office 365, which provides easier access from many locations on both Windows and Mac.

How do I differentiate the Outlook Integration plug-in from the Office 365 plug-in in Outlook?

Regardless of how you access Outlook in Microsoft Office 365 (see left image), you will only see the Join Meeting or Add Virtual Office Meeting button if you are logged in to your 8x8 account and to the email on your Office 365 account.

The Microsoft Outlook desktop plug-in (see right image) is not email-dependent. No matter which email is configured in Outlook, you will still see the 8x8 meeting buttons.

I have the Microsoft Outlook Integration plug-in already installed and my account is enabled for access to the Office 365 plug-in as well. Will the two conflict and interfere with scheduling a VO meeting?

Both plug-ins will still work, but for optimal results, you should remove the Virtual Office Meeting component from the Microsoft Outlook integration, but keep the Skype for Business and Call components.