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Virtual Office Integrations: Error message after clicking Answer Call
8x8 Support

Virtual Office Integrations: Error message after clicking Answer Call


When clicking Answer Call Integration_Answer_Call_button-41x30.jpg in all older/legacy 8x8 Virtual Office integrations, you receive one of the following error messages:

  • Unsupported Operation
  • Please answer from 8x8 Virtual Office Desktop or 8x8 Virtual Office Mobile

Applies To

This article currently applies only to the legacy Virtual Office NetSuite integration.

This issue also affects the newer v2.x Virtual Office CRM integrations, but with different messages. Please see the following article for details:


This is the normal operation for all legacy Virtual Office integrations when there is no active hard phone attached to the extension.


The green Answer Call or Accept buttons operate only on desk phones.

If you don't have a hard phone active on your 8x8 extension, you must answer inbound calls and click-to-dial initiated phone calls using one of the following Virtual Office softphone applications:

  • Virtual Office Online (VOO)
  • Virtual Office Desktop (VOD)
  • Virtual Office Mobile (VOM)