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Virtual Office Integrations: Error message after clicking Answer Call
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Virtual Office Integrations: Error message after clicking Answer Call


When clicking Answer Call Integration_Answer_Call_button-41x30.jpg in all older 8x8 Virtual Office integrations, you receive one of the following error messages.




Log in to an 8x8 soft phone such as Virtual Office Online (VOO), Virtual Office Desktop (VOD), or Virtual Office Mobile (VOM) and answer your calls from any of those soft phones.


This is the normal operation for all older Virtual Office integrations when there is no active hard phone attached to the extension.

By design, the Answer Call Integration_Answer_Call_button-41x30.jpg button in all older Virtual Office integrations only operate an attached hard phone, forcing that device to pick up calls. VOO, VOD, and VOM will not answer calls when using that button.

Note: The next generation 8x8 integrations for Salesforce, NetSuite, and Zendesk have an Accept button instead of Answer Call, but the operation is the same. Attempts to answer calls using either button will only operate a hard phone.

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