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Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration: Communication Panel Displays 595 on Outbound Calls
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Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration: Communication Panel Displays 595 on Outbound Calls


When you make outbound calls in the Virtual Office for Salesforce integration, the communication panel (dialer) displays 595 as the outbound phone number instead of the number that you called, either by dialing manually from the communication panel, or by clicking on a phone number in Salesforce.

Note: This issue only occurs with the legacy Virtual Office for Salesforce integration. See the Resolution section, below.


Salesforce call records also show 595 in the Caller field:


Applies To

 Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration v 1.x


Answer the Call

When you make an outbound call from Salesforce, you must answer the call to the 8x8 extension, which will then connect you to the originally called phone number.

When you answer the call on any extension device (hard phone, VO Mobile, or VO Desktop), the 595 number will change to the phone number you clicked or manually dialed. That phone number should then display correctly in the communication panel and your call log.

Update to or Install the v 2.x Integration

With the latest VO for Salesforce integration, you'll still be required to answer the initial click-to-dial call, but the called number will appear correctly before answering that initial call.

However, if you are using the legacy integration, you should follow the link below and update to the latest version.


This problem only happens when all of the following are true:

  • You're using the 8x8 VO for Salesforce Integration v 1.x. This is the white communication panel (dialer) with Ready / Not Ready buttons at the top.
  • You have a hard phone and are also logged in to one or more of the following Virtual Office products: VO DesktopVO Online, or VO Mobile. Or, if you don't have a hard phone, you are logged into VO Mobile and either VO Desktop or VO Online.
  • You've made an outbound call from Salesforce, and chose to not answer the phone when it rang.

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