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8x8 Virtual Office Desktop Not Displaying
8x8 Support

8x8 Virtual Office Desktop Not Displaying


8x8 Virtual Office Desktop is working in the background but not displaying on the screen.

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Desktop 6.0 +
  • Windows Operating System


Go to Windows Task Manager and end the 8x8 app sessions from the list.

  1. Right click on the taskbar and go to the Task Manager.
    task manager.PNG
  2. Click on the main 8x8 Virtual Office task and right click which will open a list of options, from there select End task.
    session end.PNG
  3. Re-Launch the 8x8 app and it should display on your screen.


It's possible that, if multiple monitors, you could have moved the 8x8 app on different monitor screen but have since disconnected with those monitors screen.