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E-Fax Fails to Send on First Attempt
8x8 Support

E-Fax Fails to Send on First Attempt


There is a failure on the first attempt of sending an E-Fax. 

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Desktop 
  • E-Fax


Double check that the E-Fax is within the limits and restrictions of the service. Listed below are the restrictions and limitations. 

  • Total fax size sent cannot be greater than 19 MB.
  • Maximum of 5 files per fax.
  • Maximum page count of fax attachment in fax email notification is 20 pages.
  • E-fax notification with attachments are only available with faxes up to 20 pages (inbound only).
  • Any fax exceeding 20 pages can still be downloaded from Virtual Office Desktop.
  • Must use 11 digits for sending outbound fax. If a Number is Incomplete error appears, ensure that the user is sending to a fax number using 11 digits (e.g., 1 + 10-digit number).
  • Files sent cannot include any special characters or letters with accents. (Ex: ñ) 

Adjust the fax so that it within the limits and it should send correctly. 

If the issue continues after checking that the E-Fax is within the limits of service, contact 8x8 technical support.


  • File attachment does not fall within E-Fax limitations.     
  • Fax destination is unable to receive faxes. 
  • Fax server may be under high load.
  • Possible incompatibility/issue with receiving fax machine.



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