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How do I use Virtual Office Desktop
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How do I use Virtual Office Desktop


How to use the VOD application in general.

Applies To

Virtual Office Desktop


  1. Navigate to URL:
  2. Enter User name and Password and click Login or hit Enter
  3. Set your status:
  4. Click on the icon in the top left corner (round circle)

  5. Click on Status needed
    1. Available = ready to accept a call
    2. Do not Disturb = Do not want to accept a call (Calls will go to voicemail if voicemail is set or just drop if nothing is set)
    3. Busy = People can see you’re busy – This status will come on automatically if you’re in the middle of a call.
    4. Away = Shows you’re away from the phone.
    5. Invisible = Other people in the status will not see your online.
  6. You can chat with other members of your company through the chat box – Use the search box to find members to chat with or start chat with the following icon: 
  7. You can Make calls from the phone tab and clicking the following icon:
  8. Dial with the dial pad and then press the green button:
  9. To Set up a meeting go to the meetings tab:
    1. Host meeting – Host your own meeting – can do it as “Join now” or schedule one if integrated with a calendar.
    2. Join meeting, enter the Virtual office meeting ID and click join meeting. To add audio click the add audio button at the bottom of the screen. There is also a screen share button there to share screen.
  10. When receiving a call, a pop up box will appear asking if you want to answer or reject.  – Click answer to answer the call.



If you struggle to have audio, please make sure the headset is connected to your computer and check the settings in Virtual Office Desktop.

  1. Click on the phone in a screen icon in the top right corner of the blue box to select which option to use for audio.
  2. Select from the list:
    1. Computer = headset plugged into computer
    2. Mobile = using the mobile application on your phone to make/receive calls
    3. Home (or any other name given) forwards calls to another phone to make/receive calls – calls still go through VO for this -ie Call comes in to Virtual office, Virtual office connects to the other phone and then connects the calls.
  3. Click the three dots to get more settings
  4. Call recordings gives access to calls recorded (if recording is enabled.)
  5. Settings gives forwarding rules, notifications and other settings