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How do I set up Sameroom?
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How do I set up Sameroom?

Sameroom and 8x8 Team Messaging

To use Sameroom with 8x8 Team Messaging, you need Virtual Office Desktop v 5.8 or later, or Virtual Office Mobile 7.4 or later.

  1. Create a case and ask us to enable Sameroom for your 8x8 organization (please provide the email address or login name you use for logging into Virtual Office).
  2. Once Sameroom is enabled, you will be able to mention @Sameroom in your public rooms. For an overview of Sameroom capabilities, please refer to the Sameroom FAQ.
  3. To create a Portal, type @Sameroom portal in a public Virtual Office room.
  4. To accept an open code or Portal URL, type @Sameroom connect <open code> or @Sameroom connect <Portal URL> in a public Virtual Office room.

Important: Instead of -sameroom, use @Sameroom in your Virtual Office rooms.

Additional Information

For more information on Sameroom, see the Sameroom FAQ.