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What's my Virtual Office username and password?
8x8 Support

What's my Virtual Office username and password?

In order to log in to 8x8 Virtual Office applications, you will need an active 8x8 extension along with the extension username and password. When your 8x8 extension and user profile were created, you should have received a welcome email with all of the following:

  • Extension Number
  • Phone Number
  • Phone Model (if applicable)
  • Username
  • Service Plan
  • Device Activation Code (if applicable)
  • Link to set Account Password

It also provides information on how to access Virtual Office Online to begin handling calls and messages.


If you have not received an extension welcome email or do not have these credentials, speak to your phone system administrator to have them created or assigned, or to have the email re-sent.

If you have simply forgotten your password, you can reset it easily via the 8x8 Virtual Office login page.

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