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How to Adjust the Emergency Service Address within Account Manager
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How to Adjust the Emergency Service Address within Account Manager


This shows how to update, change or add your emergency service address within Virtual Office Account Manager.

Applies To

Virtual Office Account Manager


To update, change or add any emergency service addresses, please make sure that your are logged in to the Account Manager. 

  1. Select Phone System, then Extensions, then View All Extensions. 
  2. Please select Edit on the required extension. 
  3. Scroll down to Extension Settings

From here you will see a drop down box which allows you to change your emergency service address for this extension. 

              KB SC .png

The drop down list contains previously added addresses and allows you to select from these without entering in new details. 

To enter new details- 

  1. Next to the drop down list, please select the Edit button
  2. A pop up box will appear allowing you to enter the required details for the address. 
  3. Please tick the terms and conditions box and press save when complete KB SC 2 .png
  4. A box may appear which states that "The address you entered could not be verified." If you are sure that the address is correct, please select the option "I am sure the address entered is correct"KB SC 3.png
  5. Your new Address will now be populated within the drop downs.