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No Longer Receiving Calls On Previously Working Extension
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No Longer Receiving Calls On Previously Working Extension


An extension that has been working can't receive calls any longer. 

Applies To

  • Account Manager
  • Virtual Office


There are a couple of things that need to be checked when an extension can't receive calls (callers get a busy tone/doesn't ring when called).

Check DND Setting on Handset (If used)

On a physical phone is there a no entry sign showing next to the extension number - This will show DND is set on the phone. 


If this shows:

  1. Press More.
  2. Press DND.
  3. This should now show a tick next to the extension number 
  4. Make a test call.

Note: this can only be done on the handset if set by the handset. 

Check DND on Virtual Office Desktop (If used)

Whilst logged into Virtual Office Desktop check the profile picture/icon to see if there is a no entry sign DND is set.

For example:


To change your status, from DND:

  1. Click on the Profile Picture in the top left corner.
  2. Select Available.
  3. Make a test call.

Check Forwarding Rules

  1. Log into Account Manager.
  2. Go to Phone System > Click Extensions.

  3. Type in the Extension you are wanting into the search bar (OR click View under View All Extensions).
  4. Click on Edit.
  5. Expand out Call Forwarding clicking on the plus sign. Here you can see what is set as forwarding rules.
  6. Check that any forwards to external numbers are set to numbers that work. 
  7. If you see the following:

    It means that the forwarding rules are set in the Virtual Office desktop itself by the user and the user will be only able to see the rules. You can clear the settings by clicking on Revert to Basic Call Forwarding if needed.

Additional Information

If this still doesn't resolve your issue, please contact support.

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