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Submitting a Port request in Configuration Manager
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Submitting a Port request in Configuration Manager


Submitting a porting request through Configuration Manager.

Applies To

  • X-Series and Editions customers
  • Configuration Manager 


The submission of the port will require you to have an equal amount of Number Licenses present on your account. These Licenses must match the type and locality of the porting numbers. (E.g Porting a Toll-Free number will require a Toll-Free license, Porting a French number will require a French number license.)

Please ensure that you have the required licenses on Configuration Manager before proceeding.

  1. Log in to Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Phone numbers.
  3. Go to Port Phone Numbers.
  4. Read the Pre-check page. Click Continue
  5. Complete the Basic Information page using the requestor's details.
    • Authorized First & Last Name: The person on your former provider account who is authorized to make changes on this account
    • Company name: Required for business locations - leave blank for residential locations
    • Address: Address of the company. Select one from the dropdown list or select New address and enter the details.
      • Note: this can be found on your bill or, for US addresses, on your Customer Service Record (which can be provided on demand by your former provider). If your bill has both a billing address and a service address, input here the service address.
        • When entering a new address:​​​​​​​
          • Street number: numbers only
          • Street name: name of the street without ave, street, blvd, etc., and without any directional north, south, east, etc,
          • Street name suffix: ave, street, blvd, etc.
          • Pre/Post directional: an address element that indicates geographic location such as N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, and SW that is placed to the left of (before) the street name, such as E HOOVER ST
          • Secondary location: suite, unit, floor, etc
          • Unit/other: the floor or unit number depending on the secondary location type (2a, 9, etc)
  6. Complete the Service Provider and Billing Telephone Number boxes.
  7. Enter the Telephone numbers you wish to Port. 

Please Note: During the porting process the system will allocate temporary numbers for each number that you are porting. The temporary number will be chosen from our pool of numbers.

Alternatively you can choose to manually specify the temporary number to be used during the porting process, in which case you will have to select the temporary numbers from your existing numbers inventory.

Manual Assignment:

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 4.11.46 PM.png

  1. The final page is the Completion page, review the information and submit the Port.

Please note: No notification of this request will be sent 8x8 nor does this request start the porting process. Please reach out to 8x8 and raise a case so that we can start talking to the Gaining Communication Provider.

Additional Information

  • We will require a completed LOA to submit the port on your behalf, please reach out to us so that we can provide you with the relevant documentation.
  • Lead times for porting vary based on complexity and number type, please be mindful of this when arranging a port.
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