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How do I increase my ring timer in Virtual Office Configuration Manager?
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How do I increase my ring timer in Virtual Office Configuration Manager?

Note: To increase your ring timer as an end user in Virtual Office Desktop or as an account admin in Account Manager, the legacy version of Virtual Office Configuration Manager, click here.

By default, an extension is set to ring for 15 seconds before calls are sent to voicemail. There are two ways to increase how long your phone rings before a call is sent to voicemail: by an end user in the Virtual Office Desktop application settings, or by an account admin within the user's extension settings in Virtual Office Configuration Manager.

Changing these settings will affect ring duration across all your Virtual Office softphone applications (desktop, online, and mobile) and your desk phone.

Note: Using Cellular Voice as your inbound Call Mode in Virtual Office mobile? Your smartphone's default ring duration may take precedence over these settings if it is shorter.

These instructions will allow you to set the ring time before sending calls to voicemail for a single extension via the extension's Call Forwarding settings. 

To adjust voicemail forwarding ring time in VO Configuration Manager

  1. Log in to VO Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click More Options (three dots) to the right of the User Profile you wish to edit.
  4. Select Edit in the pop-up menu.
  5. Click Call forwarding rules.
  6. Check the box to enable forwarding for When User Does Not Answer the CallNote: Ensure that you have not selected Forward all Calls so that you can choose forwarding options based on status.
  7. Click Edit (pencil) to the right of When User Does Not Answer the Call.
  8. Select one of the forwarding options below for Forward Calls to:
    • Voicemail
    • No One and Play Busy
    • Selected Users or External Numbers: Type in the name or number associated with an extension or enter an external number.
  9. Edit the time the call will ring before it will be routed to voicemail or the selected forwarding destination for your user. 
  10. Click Save.
  11. Save the user.

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