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Suggested Network Devices for Use with VoIP Services
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Suggested Network Devices for Use with VoIP Services


This article is intended to provide some assistance with decision making when purchasing routers or firewalls for a network that will have phones (physical or soft phones) used on it. These devices listed will require some configuration to work properly, but once configured typically do not have any issues related to call quality or connectivity. The only time this should change is if a firmware update changes the way the device interacts with VoIP traffic or the device begins to fail. Network device articles are updated periodically to reflect any recently discovered known issues due to firmware changes.


What network equipment will work best with VoIP services on my network? 

Applies To

Virtual Office


Consumer-Grade Devices

Business Class Devices


In regards to switches, it does not matter if a managed or unmanaged switch is in use. If a managed switch is in use on the network, 8x8 is unable to assist in setting up switch configuration or VLANs for use with the phones.

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