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How do I set a static IP on my Cisco SPA303G or SPA504G phone?
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How do I set a static IP on my Cisco SPA303G or SPA504G phone?

Note: We highly recommend consulting an IT or network professional when configuring advanced network settings. If able, the network administrator should always check the IP address, and assign and log any static IP to avoid conflicts in the future.

Switching a phone from DHCP to a static IP can be a useful way to address connectivity issues like URL call is disablederrors. It may also alleviate some (but not all) call quality issues.

Before You Begin

  1. Find out your phone's password. Cisco phones in an unprovisioned, factory default state and not running UC4.0+ firmware should be able to utilize 198y9w9y891 or 654123. Otherwise, use the MAC password.
  2. Next, determine the phone's current IP address and a static IP address (along with subnet and gateway) to assign to the phone.

To set a static IP on a Cisco SPA303G or SPA504G phone

Note: When entering IP AddressesSubnet Mask, and DNS, press the * key to enter periods. For example, for, type 2 5 5 * 2 5 5 * 2 5 5 * 0.
  1. Press the Setup button (Paper icon).
  2. Select (9) Network.
  3. Select (1) WAN Connection Type.
  4. Press Edit.
  5. Press Option to change from DHCP to Static IP.
  6. Press OK.
  7. Scroll down and select (8) Non DHCP IP Address.
  8. Press Edit.
  9. Enter IP address, then press OK.
  10. Scroll down and select (9) Non DHCP Subnet Mask, then press Edit.
  11. Enter Subnet Mask and press OK.
  12. Scroll down and select (10) Non DHCP Default Router.
  13. Press Edit.
  14. Enter Default Gateway IP Address, then press OK.
  15. Scroll down and select (11) Non DHCP DNS 1.
  16. Press Edit.
  17. Enter: and press OK.
  18. Scroll down and select (12) Non DHCP DNS 2.
  19. Press Edit.
  20. Enter: and press OK.
  21. Press Save.