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Programming Aastra Keypad Speed Dial
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Programming Aastra Keypad Speed Dial


Programming the speed dial keypad on an Aastra phone.

Applies To

Aastra 675xi desk phones


With the Aastra 675xi phones, you have the ability to program up to nine speed-dial numbers into the keypad of the phone. Once a keypad speed dial entry is programmed, you simply hold down the number on the keypad for three seconds and the number will be dialed. Here’s how to program it.

Program through the phone

  1. Hold down an unprogrammed keypad key (1-9) for three seconds.
  2. Enter the extension or external number. You can also scroll down to choose which line it will dial from.
  3. Press Save.

Program through the web GUI

  1. Log into the phone’s GUI.
  2. Click Keypad Speed Dial under Operation.
  3. Enter the extension or external number and choose the Line number.
  4. Click Save.

To use the Keypad speed dial function

After a key has been programmed, hold down the key for three seconds, and the call will be initiated automatically.

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