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Setting a Static IP and DNS on Yealink Phones in the Web GUI
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Setting a Static IP and DNS on Yealink Phones in the Web GUI


Setting a static IP and DNS on Yealink desk phones via the web GUI (web interface).

Applies To

Yealink desk phones


  1. To access the Web GUI, you'll have to find out the IP Address by going to the desk phone's Menu> Status.
    IP address.jpg
  2. Open a browser and go to the IP address. You'll be prompted for a username and password if you have successfully accessed the Web GUI. Enter admin as the username and the password can be found on CRM or Configuration Manager. Hit Confirm.
    browser IP Address.PNG
  3. In the Web GUI, go click on the Network tab and choose the radio button for Static IP Address. Set the IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway. Choose the radio button to Static DNS and set to ISP's DNS (Comcast DNS, Hit Confirm to save settings. Once you hit Confirm, you'll be prompted to reboot. Press OK.

Additional Information

For this sample, we used Comcast's DNS but it is recommended that you use your ISP's DNS or 8x8 GTM DNS.

List of DNS servers can be found here.

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