The Viking ZPI-4 paging system will work with the FXS port provided on a Cisco SPA 122 analog adapter. For complete deatils, please consult the Viking ZPI-4 user manual (especially the section on Ring Trip Paging on page 2), and the Additional Resources section below.

To connect a Viking ZPI-4 to a Cisco SPA 122 ATA

  1. Connect the ZPI-4 to the SPA 122 and configure for Ring Trip Paging as shown below:

    Click image to enlarge.
  2. Set RING TRIP/TRUNK/PAGE PORT switch to RING TRIP (all the way to the left).
  3. Set TALK BATT switch to OFF (all the way to the left).
  4. Attach TIP and RING to TELCO IN terminals.
  5. (Optional.) Attach background music source to MUSIC IN terminals.
  6. Adjust the TIME OUT ADJUST as required. (This should be set to a second or two longer than the longest expected page. )
  7. (Optional.) If the phone system provides a contact closure for night ring, connect a pair of wires from this closure to the NIGHT CONTACTS terminals. If the phone system provides ring signal for night ring, hook up a pair of wires from the phone system night ring output to the NIGHT RING screw.
  8. Enable dial tone and page alert tone as shown in DIP switch programming. (See Viking ZPI-4 user manual, page 7.)

Additional Resources